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Madrid Spanish Language School

Our Spanish school in Madrid offers language courses set in one of Europe's most vibrant cities. Embracing the European frame of reference, our unique methodology takes learning beyond the traditional classroom. Classes unfold in museums, parks, art galleries, markets, and various locations, ensuring a total immersion experience. Students can start a language course any Monday all year long. We have group courses and private lessons as well and we have groups of all levels from total beginners to advanced.

Everyday students joining our Spanish group courses meet at a different location (each location easily accessible by public transport) and take class, grouped after taking a placement test online, in locations that allow them to explore the city while learning Spanish.

Madrid is one of the most popular cities in the world and during the past years it has become the city where everyone in Europe wants to be: great weather all year long, excellent transport, art, culture, friendly locals and fantastic food. Learn Spanish in Madrid!

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Why Study Spanish at Our School in Madrid?

Our school offers a dynamic methodology for learning Spanish while exploring Madrid. We offer great value as well because you visit museums, local cafes, parks and other locations which are included in your fees. Our classes are not in a traditional classroom but are as structured as those in classrooms.

  • The curriculum offers different levels from beginner to advanced and is based on the European Frame of Reference, with a very well structured class offering grammar, conversation, reading and writing.
  • Teachers with professional degrees and selected to offer a dynamic class.
  • Our students are from all nationalities and we offer the flexibility to start on any Monday all year long.
  • We have small group sizes with a maximum of 8 students and average of 4-5.
  • Students get a diploma after completing their class.
  • We have 6-7 different groups based on your level, and based on the methodology of the class you will have an immersion experience in Madrid and meet friend from other countries while learning Spanish.
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Spanish Language Courses In Madrid

Our courses are flexile we offer group and private lessons, start every week.

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Spanish Language School In Madrid

Learn with a structured class outside of a traditional classroom in markets, parks, cafes, museums, etc.

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Study And Learn Spanish In Madrid

Madrid is the ideal city to learn a language and travel, with great weather all year and friendly locals.

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